Arduino library for LED strips and pixels using LPD8806 (and probably LPD8803/LPD8809)
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Customized version of Adafruits LPD8806 library

The library has been modified so that it's interchangable with my version of the Adafruit_WS2801 library. It takes 8 bit color values and adjusts them to 7 bits for the LPD8806 when sending them to the strip.

Modified examples have been removed and placed in their own repository.

Arduino library for LPD8806

This Library was written for the LPD8806 PWM LED driver chips, strips and pixels. But the LPD8803/LPD8809 will probably work too.

Where to Buy?

Pick some up at Adafruit Industries


Click the Downloads Tab in the Tabbar above. Or follow this link


  • Uncompress the Downloaded Library
  • Rename the uncompressed folder to LPD8806
  • Check that the LPD8806 folder contains LPD8806.cpp and LPD8806.h
  • Place the LPD8806 library folder your /libraries/ folder, if the libraries folder does not exist - create it first!
  • Restart the IDE