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A 3D Game written in Perl - inspired by Minecraft
Perl C Shell
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bin debugging output stuff.
doc/mindmaps doc: some notes.
lib/Games [HACK] add eval around XSLoader usage
res content.json: adjust a comment to the code
scripts scripts: removed script which should belong in my central script repo.
t remove pod-coverage.
.gitignore fixed gitignoree: res/* stuff belongs to the repository of course.
COPYING added license.
Changes show the correct version in the window title
Construder.xs XS: add random_ prefix as one would expect
KNOWN_BUGS fixed small forgotten reference bug and added query functionality.
MANIFEST engine: added memory profiling counters.
Makefile.PL engine: added memory profiling counters.
README moved back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker. added bio energy intake feedback.
TODO doc: todo cleanup.
counters.c engine: added memory profiling counters.
light.c applied the AGPL to all files.
noise_3d.c engine: added memory profiling counters.
queue.c a fix to the bad light behaviour on windows... was probably bad C any…
render.c renderer: try to cleanup unused ctr_dyn_bufs more eagerly. the client…
test display sector type.
vectorlib.c engine: fixed big small bug in SWAP macro. thanks to Jonathan N. for …
volume_draw.c engine: added memory profiling counters.
world.c engine: cleaning up the axis arrays, even though they are really not …
world_data_struct.c engine: cleaning up the axis arrays, even though they are really not …
world_drawing.c removed debug output.


    Games::Construder - A 3D game written in Perl, which is actually

       Starting the server:

       user@host ~# construder_server

       Starting the client:

       user@host ~# construder_client

    This is the source code documentation for the game called "Construder".

    If you search for information on how to actually play it please look at
    the official website for introduction videos:


    You can also find other interesting information there, such as
    screenshots, the motivation of writing this game or where to go with
    questions and/or bug reports.

    This specific module file provides the XS bindings and also some utility
    functions that are used in many places in the game.

    Robin Redeker, "<>"

    <> - Another game written with a lot of Perl,
    facilitating "Coro", "IO::AIO", "AnyEvent", "JSON" and many other Perl

    Copyright 2011 Robin Redeker, all rights reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.

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