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@@ -38,17 +38,25 @@ Currently Provided Tools:
Other tools (alpha and beta quality):
* nuts_and_bolts.scad: for creating metric and imperial bolt/nut holes
* bearing.scad: standard/custom bearings
-* screw.cad: screws and augers
+* screw.scad: screws and augers
* materials.scad: color definitions for different materials
* stepper.scad: NEMA standard stepper outlines
+* servos.scad: servo outlines
+* boxes.scad: box with rounded corners
+* triangles.scad: simple triangles
+Very generally useful functions and constants:
* math.scad: general math functions
* constants.scad: mathematical constants
* curves.scad: mathematical functions defining curves
* units.scad: easy metric units
* utilities.scad: geometric funtions and misc. useful stuff
* teardrop.scad ( parametric teardrop module
+* shapes.scad: simple shapes by Catarina Mota
+External utils that generate and and process openscad code:
+* testing code, see below
+* code for scraping function names etc.
== Development ==
You are welcome to fork this project in github and request pulls. I will try to
@@ -71,3 +79,6 @@ python and uses py.test (might be compatible with Nose also). Just type py.test
inside the lib dir in a terminal and you should see a part of the tests passing
and tracebacks for failing tests. It's very simplistic still, but it should test
that no syntax errors occur at least.
+The code is included in, and can be imported to be
+used in other codebases.
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+import py
+dirpath = py.path.local("./")
+def pytest_generate_tests(metafunc):
+ if "filename" in metafunc.funcargnames:
+ for fpath in dirpath.visit('*.scad'):
+ metafunc.addcall(funcargs=dict(filename=fpath.basename))
+ for fpath in dirpath.visit('*.py'):
+ name = fpath.basename
+ if not (name.startswith('test_') or name.startswith('_')):
+ metafunc.addcall(funcargs=dict(filename=fpath.basename))
+def test_README(filename):
+ README = dirpath.join('README').read()
+ assert filename in README

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