shapes.scad module equiTriangle() bug #15

MichaelAtOz opened this Issue Sep 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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Sorry I don't know how to drive GitHub for code changes.

Currently it doesn't cut a clean triangle, the module needs to be

module equiTriangle(side, height) {
  difference() {
    translate([-side/2,side/2,0]) cube([side, side, height], true);
    rotate([0,0,30]) dislocateBox(side, side*2, height*1.1);
    translate([-side,0,0]) {
      rotate([0,0,60]) dislocateBox(side*2, side, height*1.1);

changes are
4th line 2 is on second 'side' not first & height1.1
6th line height*1.1

Height changes are to produce a clean F5 preview.

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