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Uppload is a better JavaScript file uploader. It's highly customizable, completely free and open-source, and can be used with any file uploading backend.

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Table of Contents


Install Uppload in your project directory:

yarn add uppload

And then import it to your project:

import Uppload from "uppload";

You can also require it in your project since it ships as UMD, or use it from one of the CDNs below. You only need any one of the following, since wrappers come with Uppload built-in.

<!-- Uppload --><script src="https://unpkg.com/uppload/dist/uppload.min.js"></script> 
<!-- Uppload with polyfills --><script src="https://unpkg.com/uppload/dist/uppload.polyfills.js"></script> 

Create a new Uppload object with sample configuration:

const profilePicture = new Uppload({

    // Default file value, useful for empty-state images
    value: "https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/men/17.jpg",

    // Change the values of these elements with the file URL
    // Sets `value` for inputs and `src` for images
    bind: ["#profilePicInput", "#profilePicImage"],

    // Open the modal when the user clicks on this button
    call: ["form.profile button#uploadButton"],

    // Endpoint to send files to
    // Use either this or `uploadFunction` for a custom function
    endpoint: "https://example.com/upload_backend",

    // Maximum file size allowed in bytes (this is 25 MB)
    maxFileSize: 25000000,

    // Types of files to allow (string or MIME type array)
    allowedTypes: "image"


Browser Support

With babel-polyfill, Uppload works with IE11 and above. Without polyfills, it works with browsers that natively support both promises and the Fetch API. You can use the uppload.polyfills.js file to support older browsers, or manually import relevant polyfills (e.g. Array.prototype.includes(), fetch(), etc.)

File Size

File Size
uppload.min.js File size
uppload.polyfills.js File size


You can pass the following properties in the constructor:

Property Default Type Description
value "" String Default value of the file, useful for image placeholders
bind ["[data-uppload-value]"] Array Selectors for elements that need the uploaded file URL
call ["[data-uppload-button]"] Array Selectors for elements that open the modal on click
uploadFunction Fetch (configurable) Function Function to upload file (returns promise with file URL)
endpoint "" String Endpoint to upload file using fetch POST
services ["upload", "camera"] Array List of upload services to show
defaultService "upload" String List of default service
successDelay 1000 Number Number of milliseconds to show the success screen for
minimumDelay 0 Number Number of milliseconds to delay uploading by
errorDelay 2000 Number Number of milliseconds to show an error message for
endpoint.url "" String Endpoint URL to fetch
endpoint.method POST String HTTP verb, can be changed to PUT if necessary
endpoint.headers null Headers HTTP headers to send with the request
allowedTypes "*" Array or String MIME types to allow (eg. string "image/jpg" or array ["image/jpg", "image/png"]). Can also put MIME registry instead: "image", "audio", "font", "text", "video", etc.
maxFileSize "infinite" Number Maximum allowed file size in bytes, defaults to string infinte
isFileTypeAllowed Checks allowedTypes types Function Function to check whether file type is allowed (returns boolean)
isFileSizeAllowed Checks maxFileSize Function Function to check whether file size is allowed (returns boolean)
i18n English (US) dictionary Object Object for internationalization strings (configuration help)
crop.aspectRatio null Number Aspect ratio for image cropping
crop.aspectButtons [] Array Aspect ration buttons eg [{ text: "16:9", value: 16/9 }, ..]
crop.maxSize null [width, height, unit?] Maximum image size after cropping
crop.minSize null [width, height, unit?] Minimum image size after cropping
crop.startSize [50, 50, "%"] [width, height, unit?] Default size when cropping starts
uploadFormat.type image/jpeg String Image MIME type to upload to server
uploadFormat.quality 0.92 Number Image quality to upload to server (between 0 and 1)
// Endpoint is an object with configuration
const withEndpointOptions = new Uppload({
    endpoint: {
        method: "POST",
        url: "/my_backend"

// Custom file upload handler
const withCustomUpload = new Uppload({
    uploadFunction: (file, metadata) => {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            fetch("https://example.com/upload", {
                method: "POST",
                body: file
                .then(response => response.json())
                .then(json => {
                    let url = json.url;
                .catch(error => reject(error));

// Using an Uppload preset with configuration
const withUploadPreset = new Uppload({
    uploadPreset: {
        preset: "firebase",
        options: {
            storageRef: firebase.storage().ref()


You can use available properties to get information about the state of Uppload:

const profilePicture = new Uppload();
console.log(profilePicture.isOpen); // Returns true or false
Property Default Type Description
isOpen false Boolean Returns whether the modal is currently open
isUploading false Boolean Returns whether a file is currently being uploaded
value null String Returns the URL of the uploaded file
currentPage "upload" String Returns the current page from navbar
modalElement DOM Element Object Returns the modal HTML DOM element
backgroundElement DOM Element Object Returns the background HTML DOM element


For reactive frameworks, it doesn't make sense to use the native Uppload bind property. Instead, you can watch the Uppload.value and build around that URL value. Alternately, you can also listen to events using the on function:

const profilePicture = new Uppload();
profilePicture.on("fileUploaded", fileURL => {
	console.log(fileURL); // Logs the uploaded file's URL
Event Dispatched when Returns
fileSelected A new file has been selected Blob File
uploadStarted Started to upload a new file Blob File
uploadError An error ocurred in uploading the file Blob File
fileError Invalid file (size/type/etc.) selected Server's response
fileUploaded A new file is uploaded String File URL
fileDropped A file has been dropped in the drop area Blob File
modalOpened The Uppload modal was opened Nothing
modalClosed The Uppload modal was closed Nothing
pageChanged User navigated to this uploading service String Service ID
dragOver A file is being dragged in the drop area Nothing
dragEnter File has entered the drop area Nothing
dragLeave File has left the drop area Nothing
cropStart Image has started being cropped Object with crop details
cropMove Image is currently being cropped Object with crop details
cropEnd Image has ended being cropped Object with crop details

You can also programatically call the following functions:

const profilePicture = new Uppload();
profilePicture.openModal(); // Opens the modal
Function Parameters Description
uploadFile(param) Blob File Upload this file to the server (returns promise)
openModal() None Opens the modal
closeModal() None Closes the modal
updateValue(param) String URL Make this URL the post-uploading value
changePage(param) String Service ID Navigate to this uploading service


You can customize the widget using CSS to overwrite properties. The following classes are used by Uppload:

Selector Description
.uppload-modal Main white modal
.uppload-bg Translucent background
.uppload-bg::after Cross (×) button on the top-right
.uppload-modal aside Left navbar
.uppload-modal section Main content inside the modal
.uppload-branding Small "Powered by Uppload" on the bottom-left
.uppload-(modal/bg).fadeIn Fade in animation on open (400ms)
.uppload-(modal/bg).fadeOut Fade out animation on close (400ms)
.uppload-modal .primary-button "Upload" or "Import" call-to-action button
.uppload-modal #dragDropElement Dashed "drag-and-drop here" area

Uppload also adds some classes to your elements that it interacts with:

Selector Description
.uppload-initialized Default value of file was set
.uppload-updated New file was uploaded and set

Server-side Implementation

Uppload does not provide the server side implementation of handling the files, but the way files are uploaded is identical to simple file upload forms like this:

<form action="/upload_endpoint" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="file" />

Starter Templates

You can also use any of the following starter templates for your backend:


Instead of building your own backend or writing an upload handler, you can also use a preset:

const profilePicture = new Uppload({
    uploadPreset: {
        preset: PRESET_NAME,
        options: OPTIONS_OBJECT
Preset Name Configuration
firebase storageRef contains the Firebase storage reference
s3 s3Object is the S3 object


import firebase from "firebase";
    apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
    projectId: "YOUR_PROJECT_ID",
    storageBucket: "YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.appspot.com",
const profilePicture = new Uppload({
    uploadPreset: {
        preset: "firebase",
        options: {
            storageRef: firebase.storage().ref()


This preset is current in development

import AWS from "aws-sdk";
    region: "REGION",
    credentials: new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({
        IdentityPoolId: "IDENTITY_POOL_ID"
const s3 = new AWS.S3({
    apiVersion: "2006-03-01",
    params: { Bucket: "BUCKET_NAME" }
const profilePicture = new Uppload({
    uploadPreset: {
        preset: "s3",
        options: {
            s3Object: s3


Uppload comes with i18n support built-in. We have over 100 languages, but most of them are machine translated. You can overwrite all string by supplying a i18n property during initialization. The template is available here.


We've built the following wrappers for Uppload for our favorite frameworks:



  • Modal
  • File preview
  • Image cropping
  • Upload function
  • Import file/image (Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Add sample server configuration & files in docs
  • IE support (customEvent)
  • Basic and advanced docs
  • Presets for Firebase, S3, etc.
  • Wrappers for
    • Vue.js
    • React
    • Angular
  • Use Tardis for module loading


yarn install
nvm use 8.11.1 # LTS

Local Setup

yarn start:dev

Navigate to http://localhost:9000


yarn build

El Niño

Uppload is made with ❤️ in Enschede, the Netherlands by El Niño and contributors.

El Niño is een internetbureau uit Enschede. We hebben meer dan 12 jaar ervaring in het ontwikkelen van op maat gemaakte digitale oplossingen. Met een team van vakfanaten dragen we bij aan het succes van elke organisatie.