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Bringing persitent collections to c++
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Turning mutability into stone.


Boost 1.48

This library includes a set of classes that implement persistent collections. A persistent collection are immutable data that provide modified copies when manipulated.

PersistentVector creates a vector of T objects.

add(T &data) returns a copy of the PersistentVector with data inserted.

pop() returns a copy of PersistentVector without the last data

put(unsigned int pos, T &newData) return a copy of PersistentVector replacing the data in position pos with newData

size() return vector size

get(unsigned int pos) returns the data in position pos

main.cpp provides an example:

Creates a PersistentVector of Persistent vectors of long called v2.

Iteratively inserts new vectors into v2, each one copy of the previous with a new data added.

Iteratively calls pop() until v2 is empty.

Writes the ellapsed time between operations;

Repeats this procedure with two kind of Vectors in order to compare times:

TranisentVectorCopy. A transient vector that uses an std::vector.

TransientVectorSPtr. A transient vector that uses an std::vector >

Repeats the procedures again with a block of 10 chars.


Licensed under the EPL (see the file epl.html).

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