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Atropine is a program written in Python which helps with running FOCAL events. It generates fixtures, takes results, works out the standings, and can display it all in a separate window suitable for showing on a public-facing screen.


To run Atropine you need to have Python 3 installed. You can get it from the Python downloads page.

You use Atropine through your web browser, but it does not need access to the internet to run. Atropine is its own web server which runs on your own computer, and your browser connects to that.

Instructions for getting started

  • If Python 3 is not already installed on your computer, or if you're not sure whether it's installed, download and install Python 3.
  • Get Atropine. You can either:
    • Clone the git repository, or,
    • If you don't use git but have somehow found this on github, download the latest Atropine zip file from Unzip the zip file into a new folder of your choosing. Don't move any of Atropine's files out of that folder - the location of in relation to the subfolders must be maintained as it is. It's okay to make a shortcut (or symlink, on Linux) to and put the shortcut anywhere you want.
  • Run
  • Atropine will open a small web server on your computer, and give you a link to paste into your browser, like this: http://localhost:3960/cgi-bin/
  • Go to that link in your web browser. You are now using the web interface, and you can create and administer your tournament from there.

Further documentation

The file webroot/docs/index.html contains further information about using Atropine.


Atropine is free to use, and is released under the BSD 3-clause licence.

The font files under webroot/fonts/ are from third-party sources and are distributed with Atropine in accordance with their own licences. See webroot/fonts/FontLicences.txt for details.