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Go Kafka Client

The Apache Kafka Client Library for Go is sponsored by [CrowdStrike] ( and [Elodina Inc] (

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Ideas and goals behind the Go Kafka Client:

1) Partition Ownership

We decided on implementing multiple strategies for this including static assignment. The concept of re-balancing is preserved but now there are a few different strategies to re-balancing and they can run at different times depending on what is going on (like a blue/green deploy is happening). For more on blue/green deployments check out this video.

2) Fetch Management

This is what “fills up the reservoir” as I like to call it so the processing (either sequential or in batch) will always have data if there is data for it to have without making a network hop. The fetcher has to stay ahead here keeping the processing tap full (or if empty that is controlled) pulling the data for the Kafka partition(s) it is owning.

3) Work Management

For the Go consumer we currently only support “fan out” using go routines and channels. If you have ever used go this will be familiar to you if not you should drop everything and learn Go.

4) Offset Management

Our offset management is based on a per batch basis with each highest offset from the batch committed on a per partition basis.


  1. Install Golang
  2. Make sure env variables GOPATH and GOROOT exist and point to correct places
  3. Install godep
  4. mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/ && cd $GOPATH/src/
  5. git clone && cd go_kafka_client
  6. godep restore

Optional (for all tests to work):

  1. Install Docker
  2. cd $GOPATH/src/
  3. Build docker image: docker build -t elodina/go_kafka_client .
  4. docker run -v $(pwd):/go_kafka_client elodina/go_kafka_client

After this is done you're ready to write some code!

For email support!forum/kafka-clients

Related docs:

  1. Offset Storage configuration.
  2. Log and metrics emitters.