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Mesos in Vagrant


This project provides Vagrant environment for running Mesos cluster.

You should be familiar with:

General Info

Vagrantfile creates Mesos cluster with following nodes:

  • master;
  • slave0..slave(N-1) (N is specified in Vagrantfile);

Master node provides WEB UI listening on http://master:5050 Both master and slave nodes runs Mesos slave daemons.

Master node has pre-installed marathon scheduler. Slave nodes may have pre-installed docker (uncomment in init.sh).

Host's public key, placed in vagrant/.vagrant dir, will be copied to authorized_hosts, so direct access like ssh vagrant@master|slaveX should work.

Nodes ssh keys are pre-generated and added to each node's authorized_hosts. So internode ssh should work without password.

For general Mesos overview please refer to http://mesos.apache.org/documentation/latest/mesos-architecture/

Host Names

During first run Vagrantfile creates hosts file which contains host names for cluster nodes. It is recommended to append the content of its "cluster nodes" section to /etc/hosts (or other OS-specific location) of the running (hosting) OS to be able to refer master and slaves by names.


Mesos master and slaves daemons are started automatically.

Each slave node runs 'mesos-slave' daemon while master runs both 'mesos-master' and 'mesos-slave' daemons.

Daemons could be controlled by using: /etc/init.d/mesos-{master|slave} {start|stop|status|restart}


Configuration is read from the following locations:

  • /etc/mesos, /etc/mesos-{master|slave} for general or master|slave specific CLI options;
  • /etc/default/mesos, /etc/default/mesos-{master|slave} for general or master|slave specific environment vars;

Please refer to CLI of 'mesos-master|slave' daemons and /usr/bin/mesos-init-wrapper for details.


Logs are written to /var/log/mesos/mesos-{master|slave}.*