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An Android ShoutCast receiver, compatible with SmartDeviceLink/Ford AppLink

I am a Ford employee, but I am not doing this project on company time or with corporate sponsorship. My goal is to make a ShoutCast receiver work with my Escape.

Currently the app just starts up and streams Radioseven, because Radioseven. But eventually I'd like some more Pandora-like features, such as selecting a station within a specific genre/subgenre, saving presets, tuning to stations in a list, taking custom stream URLs, streamripping, showing metadata for the currently playing song, logging all the song names heard, and a bunch of other things.

You should be able to download this project and open inside Android Studio without trouble (actually I think you should be able to just run gradlew build or something like that and have it work, Studio or not, but I've never done it that way). At some point I might document this; not today.

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