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Version 239.1 Release

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@Yamakuzure Yamakuzure released this 17 Oct 18:02

This is the first release of the v239 series.


  • Fix compatibility issues with glibc-2.28
  • Fix missing creation of systemshutdowndir and systemsleepdir
  • Fix elogind being non-reactive to laptop lid events
  • Fix an issue with program_invocation[_short]_name when non-glibc
    libc implementations are used that provide these globals
  • Fix session finalization, sessions no longer stay as "closing"

Changes and Additions

  • Added support for the new 'suspend-then-hibernate' method
  • Added elogind-inhibit.xml to generate the elogind-inhibit man page
  • Support system_bus_socket to be found in /var/run/dbus as well as
  • The sytemd build options for valgrind can now be used
  • Added execution of executables in systemshutdowndir