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F# Async Socket Benchmark
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F# Async Socket Benchmark

The purpose of this project is to measure the latecny of async sockets in F#/.Net (on Linux, using dotnet core)

Thanks to Adgear/Samsung Ads for making it public

The project consists of two parts: the hammer and the server. The server is using async sockets. the hammer is half duplex transponder, sending packets and measuring the round trip time to get an answer. Async hammer, can yield up to 10x more packets, but requires heavy book-keeping on the side of the client.


on Ubuntu (for the hammer):

sudo apt-get install libuv1-dev



$ cd uv-hammer
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4
$ make install


$ cd fs-async-server
$ dotnet build


First run the server:

fs-async-server$ dotnet run
Started listening on port 55555
Waiting for key to exit

Then run the hammer from another server:

 $ uv-hammer -i -p 55555 -t 4 -c 4 -n 8
sending: CB 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567 1234:4567
request per packet: 8


-p : port to which to connect
-t : number of threads to run in parallel
-c : number of clients per thread
-n : number of requests per packet
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