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Our new ES6-based platform for the upcoming 2019 overhaul.
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Elore Beta

Our new ES6-based platform for the upcoming 2018 re-launch.


  • express
  • mongoose
  • handlebars (express-handlebars)
  • body-parser
  • showdown (JS-based markdown to HTML converter)


  1. Create a file named looking something like this:
  export PORT=8080
  export DB_URI=mongodb://your_address
  1. source (source environment variables - skip this step if using another env configuration)
  2. yarn (install dependencies).
  3. yarn begin (if you have nodemon installed) or yarn start if you don't have nodemon installed.


  1. Routes are defined in index.js to map URLs to handlebar templates.
  2. Static .html files are located in /views/static.
  3. Static images in views/img are loaded in index.js
  4. Paths within href tags are routes instead of files (i.e. /team instead of /team.html).
  5. The default template (including head, footer, and nav tags) is /views/layouts/main.handlebars.
  6. Subsequent templates are defined accordingly in /views and are routed in index.js.
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