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Incremental search through the whole project.
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Build Status MELPA License: GPL v3


Incremental search through the whole project.

This is an alternative package replacing ag searcher. The logic behinds this package is similar to Visual Studio find and replace functionalities, but using isearch. It simply searches regexp in each file accordingly to the project file tree.

isearch gives a better visuality than ag does. ag is great but is verbose for me to use because it gives you a whole list that matches even the matching line are in the exact same line.

P.S. Inspired by Visual Studio find and replace preset behavior.


Set the paths you usually want to ignore to search through.

(setq isearch-project-ignore-paths '(".vs/"


Call it from minibuffer directly,

M-x isearch-project-forward

Or you can bind it globally to any key you want.

(global-set-key (kbd "any-key") #'isearch-project-forward)


If you would like to contribute to this project, you may either clone and make pull requests to this repository. Or you can clone the project and establish your own branch of this tool. Any methods are welcome!

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