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Online version of the Workshop presentation

QGIS Server 3.x Vagrant testing VMs with Apache and Nginx

Yet another QGIS Server demo VM, initially prepared for Nødebo QGIS confererence and workshop 2017 this new version uses QGIS 3 and offers new deployment strategies:

  • Apache Fast CGI
  • Apache CGI
  • Nginx Fast CGI
  • Nginx load balancing proxy to Python wsgi

A mapproxy demo is also installed.

Note: this VM was not designed for production but for demonstration purposes only.


You need a working installation of Vagrant with Virtualbox.

Please follow the installation instructions here:

For disk resizing you will also need the Vagrant plugin vagrant-disksize, you can install the plugin with:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize

Note: if you have any issue installing vagrant-disksize plugin on Linux, you can try to upgrade Vagrant with the following command (adapt the version numbers to the newest available release)

wget -c
sudo dpkg -i vagrant_2.0.3_x86_64.deb


This machine is based on Ubuntu bionic and comes with a sample project and some sample plugins.

Server Port Mapped to
Nginx FastCGI 80 8080
Apache (Fast)CGI 81 8081
Nginx Python 82 8082
Nginx mapproxy 83 8083

Apache2 (Fast)CGI stack

  • Apache2
  • FastCGI with mod_fcgid
  • CGI with mod_cgid

Nginx FastCGI stack

  • Nginx
  • systemd

Nginx Python stack

  • Nginx
  • Systemd


  • HTTP Basic Auth (for WFS protection)
  • GetFeatureInfo HTML formatter
  • Simple Browser
  • XYZ


A presentation is available in the docs directory


From the directory that contains this README:

vagrant up

Follow the steps in the documentation for further setup.

Details of the provisioning scripts

The provisioning scripts are contained in the directory provisioning.

The common configuration for all the scripts is in

The main script is which calls all the other scripts.


qgis3 server vagrant



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