Arduino library that allows writing and colouring code in local language
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Arduino library that allows writing code in local language. Syntax colouring included! 🎨

void loop() {
  auto distance = radar.ping_cm();
  if (distance < 15) {
  } else {

(Translated into Polish)

procedura powtarzaj() {
  niech odleglosc = radar.ping_cm();
  jezeli (odleglosc < 15) {
  } w_przeciwnym_razie {

But... why? 😱

Yes, I hear you screaming! Writing Code Like This Is Not The Way Adults Should Behave. Nothing more true!

The aim here is to make it easier for mentors to show the joy of programming to young learners, by eliminating spoken language barrier. It was inspired by platforms such as Logo and Scratch.


Add the Library and include all translations:

#include <Babelduino.h>

Or just the one that's interesting to you:

#include <Babelduino_PL.h>

Adding new languages and keywords

Feel free to add new language or keyword:

  1. Take a look at extras/mappings/pl.yml for an example of keyword mapping (if -> jezeli).

  2. You can create several different mappings for the same keyword.

  3. Create your own mapping YAML file and put it into extras/mappings directory.

  4. Run extras/generate script (Ruby needed).

    You must provide a path to original Arduino IDE keywords.txt file. For macOS, it is located inside the app package:

    $ ./extras/generate /Applications/

  5. The script will generate C header files with keyword aliases and add translations to keywords.txt file.

  6. Create a Pull Request with your new translations :)

How does it work?

Under the hood, the library provides "aliases" for original keywords using #define directives, such as:

#define jezeli if

It also uses original keyword data from Arduino IDE's keywords.txt file, so the translations are formatted and coloured in the IDE the same way as the original keywords.

Extra keywords

There is a possibility to add an "empty" translation, an additional keyword that will be ignored by the compiler but highlighted by the IDE. It makes it easier to teach concepts like function vs procedure, where you may need more words to describe what the piece of code does:

int sum(int a, int b) {
  return a + b;
podaj liczbe suma(liczba a, liczba b) {
  wynik a + b;

Here, podaj (synonym for "returning" in Polish) is only a marker for a function (something returning a value), and liczbe is an alias for int type.

If you want an extra keyword, simply add it to your YAML mapping, describing how it should be highlighted (here, podaj will be coloured in the same way as auto keyword):

  auto: podaj