Switch between your PSN accounts on your Vita
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Switch between your PSN accounts on your Vita


Adding accounts:

Current Account:

Open the app, and dump your current profile (second option)

Other Account:

  • First unslave SD card (third option, this will allow you to keep your SD intact)
  • Restore the device (Format->Restore This System)
  • When asked if you want to deactivate, choose "No"
  • When asked if you want to format the card, choose "No"
  • Log in with your new credentials
  • Activate the Vita
    • Since 3.61 you can't do that directly, you have to do one of the following:
      • use vita-activator
      • use the Activate option I included in AccountSwitcher
      • From Henkaku Release 3 onwards, PSN spoofing is included. Activate the device normally from Settings or just by downloading anything from store. After activation, reboot the system.
  • Open the app and dump your new profile (second option)

Loading an account:

  • Select "Load Account"
  • Choose a profile
  • Reboot system

Backup folder

  • Profiles are stored on ux0:/data/AccountSwitcher


* Trial account support