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Provides easy serialization and deserialization of yaml files
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Provides easy serialization and deserialization of yaml files

Parser component

There is only one component provided by cbyaml, the Parser component. You can inject it using the Parser@cbyaml mapping.

There are four methods on the Parser:

function serialize( required any content );
function serializeToFile( required any content, required string path );
function deserialize( required string content );
function deserializeFile( required string path );

CAUTION: When serializing content to yaml, the key order will not be preserved unless you are using an ordered struct, a LinkedHashMap, or a similar data structure.

Application Helpers

Application helpers are automatically registered to be used in your handlers and views.

function serializeYaml( required any content );
function deserializeYaml( required string content );

These call the parser.serialize and parser.deserialize methods under the hood.

You can disable this by setting settings.autoLoadHelpers = false.


You can also use the serializeYaml and deserializeYaml helpers in any model by utilizing WireBox's mixins.

component mixins="/cbyaml/helpers" {

    function parse( required string content ) {
        return deserializeYaml( arguments.content );

    function stringify( required any content ) {
        return serializeYaml( arguments.content );

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