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An education game creation framework.
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Connor Brem (cbrem)
Erik Pintar (epintar)
Leon Zhang (lwzhang)

A game creation framework to create minigames which are populated with
educational questions intended to teach English.

(Created in the course 15-237: Cross Platform Mobile Web Apps at
 Carnegie Mellon University)

Operation notes:
- to see this application in action, go to
- to run the application locally,
  run "node app" from the top level termproject directory
  then view the application by visiting localhost:8000 

- to try all of the features out, follow this sequence of actions:
1. click play to play the tutorial
2. after the four demo levels, click on the + to create a level, or an existing level to edit it
3. play the level you created
4. save the level by clicking save, this prompts you to make a login
5. now on your account you can make more levels or click play to play 5 random levels
6. change the question set you use by clicking on the top left ? icon
   (these question sets can be created/edited at )
7. share your games with friends by clicking the save button again after saving a game to get a game code,
   and then they can get an alias of your game by clicking the top right internet button and entering the game code

Collaboration Notes:
- We worked with the 15-239 group that developed a nice interface for teachers to input educational multiple choice questions to a database
Their site is at:
This database can be down sometimes, so if it crashes, that is probably why.
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