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User Story: Member Add Notifications Should be Optional #64

andrewbolster opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Lines 592-593 from default to sending an email to the member on add; this should be optional at the sign-up / import stage.


Andrew, can you clarify the user story here? In other words, can you walk me through what situation you find yourself in where you need this feature? I want to make sure we solve this in a way that focuses on the real world application.

@chris18890 chris18890 was assigned

People may not want the email;

Plus, as the admin has the ability to set the password from the edit member page, the email no longer /has/ to be sent for the user to be able to log in


Realistically/without being utterly pedantic - no :P

I've written code that shows an unticked checkbox; Emails are sent by default, but when box is ticked, emails are NOT sent. Is that a sensible compromise?

Either that or we just go ahead & close the issue as is...


Adding configuration will make the system harder to use (even if only a little). Following the principle "Modularity over configuration" we shouldn't do that without a good reason. If testing is a problem, I'd recommend using dummy data, and I can provide the data from the demo site, which has a bunch of dummy emails on the domain.


ok, I'll close the pull request & this issue then

@chris18890 chris18890 closed this
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