list management module - feature request ( not just for emails! ) #77

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davidbuzz commented Jan 31, 2013

I think a generic "lists" module would be better than an email-specific one. eg, we ( Hackerspace Brisbane ) have lists for "interested parties", "paid-up members", "expired members", "friends of hsbne", we also have different list/s for access-control purposes so we also have a "building 1 entry/exit" list, a "building 2 entry/exit list", a "building 3 entry/exit list", and and some of our equipment is managed with RFID lockouts , so we have a "machine tools safety inducted list", and we have also have a list of "user/s authorised to manage access controls", and unfortunately also a "membership denied" list, and probably more.... phew! .....


elplatt commented Jan 31, 2013

Ah yes! How about a tag module that lets you assign tags to users? It could also provide an api for other modules to assign tags to users based on their own criteria.


davidbuzz commented Jan 31, 2013

that seems to me like a great way of implementing the core of it ... so long as there's also a way to query the subset of user/s that have particular tags. ( ie get a list of users with that tag ) .


davidbuzz commented Jun 24, 2013

did this ever get implemented...? I'd love to try it out if it did.


davidbuzz commented Oct 22, 2013

lists = meta-data, closing issue. :-)

davidbuzz closed this Oct 22, 2013

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