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This is a repository that will be used to help create a process of a new kali vagrant box for hashicorp each month.
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Automated Kali Hashcorp Box

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If the build status if failing please checkout pinned issues, and if there are no pinned issues then please file a detailed bug issue (template comming soon)



VM info

  • user: root
  • pass: toor

Installed software

listed in the scripts directory: here

what this repo will be for

So you can vagrant box update to get the new box that is created from this each month by a cron job on my server. This will allow for a fresh new image of Kali with the most up to date tools through the ease of vagrant and however you want to provision my kali box.

Based on vagrants help command (displayed below), this should destroy/delete anything from before the box was upgraded.

$ vagrant box update --help
Usage: vagrant box update [options]

Updates the box that is in use in the current Vagrant environment,
if there any updates available. This does not destroy/recreate the
machine, so you'll have to do that to see changes.

To update a specific box (not tied to a Vagrant environment), use the
--box flag.

grand scheme

packer vagrant eco So to get the new up to date kali box you would have to vagrant destroy and vagrant up it again. Then everything would be based on your Vagrantfile for provisioning.

things to consider before vagrant destroy

  • did you backup all your metasploit data? - msfconsole -q -x "db_export -f xml /root/pentesting/metasploit-backups/general/metasploit-backup-main.xml; exit"
  • did you backup all your metasploit creds (doesn't get exported by metasploit by default...)? - msfconsole -q -x "creds -o /root/pentesting/metasploit-backups/creds/metasploit-backup-creds.csv; exit"
  • do you have any customizations that could be automated in your Vagrantfile?
  • putting all your data in your /vagrant folder is ideal, to keep everything shared and making sure it doesn't get lost when destroying boxes (because it is on your local machine as a shared folder)


  • vagrant
  • packer
  • internet connection

Future plans

  • Create different kali box automations (i.e. with empire and other frameworks)
  • docs...eventually :D
  • different virtualization platforms (virtualbox)
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