Custom components for Home Assistant
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ZiGate components for Home Assistant

A new component which enable to grab Zigbee data through the ZiGate (

To install, simply copy all the files in your hass configuration folder, under 'custom_components' and adapt your configuration.yaml

To pair a new device, go in developer/services (the little remote in the menu) and call the 'zigate.permit_join' service. You have 30 seconds to pair your device. If successull, you should have a notification on your home page

Example config for a xiaomi_aqara temperature sensor :

  • address is on 6 bytes : 4 corresponding to short_address and 2 to the endpoint_id
  • temperature is registered as the default value for the sensor (which grabs temperature, pressure & humidity). Any attribute declared for the sensor can be chosen as default attribute
  • pressure is made available in the interface / history / graphs through a template
  • address is the short address of the Zigbee component (previously registered)

More examples in the wiki

# Enable ZiGate

# Add sensor (previously registered with the ZiGate)
  - platform: zigate
    name: 'LivingRoom Sensor'
    address: a1b201
    default_state: temperature
    default_unit: '°C'

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'LivingRoom Atmospheric Pressure'
        unit_of_measurement: 'mb'
        value_template: '{{ states.sensor.livingroom_sensor.attributes.pressure }}'

  - platform: zigate
    name: 'Presence detection'
    address: c3d401
  - platform: zigate
    name: 'Light'
    address: 6e8e01
    light_type: 'dual-white'
    default_state: 'event'