@elrido elrido released this Sep 3, 2015 · 965 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • ADDED: Password protected pastes (optional)
  • ADDED: configuration options for highlighting, password, discussions, expiration times, rate limiting
  • ADDED: JSON-only retrieval of paste incl. discussion, used to be able to refresh paste when posting a comment
  • ADDED: bootstrap CSS based template
  • CHANGED: "Burn after reading" pastes are now deleted only after the paste was successfully decrypted via callback. This prevents accidental deletion by chatbots following URLs and the like. Usage of a password is suggested to ensure only the desired recipient is able to encrypt it.
  • CHANGED: the "opendiscussion" option now only controls if the discussion checkbox is preselected. Use "discussion = false" to disable the discussion feature completely (which also removes the checkbox from the template).
  • FIXING: Behaviour of several conflicting configuration options. As a general measure unit tests for 9 of the options and all their possible configurations were added via a unit test generator.
  • updated JS libraries: jquery to 1.11.3, sjcl to 1.0.2, base64.js to 2.1.9, deflate to 0.5, inflate to 0.3 and prettify to latest
  • generally improved documentation, both inline phpdoc / JSdoc source code documentation, as well as Wiki pages on installation, configuration, development and JSON-API