@elrido elrido released this Sep 19, 2015 · 927 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • ADDED: Translations for German, French and Polish, language selection
    menu (optional)
  • ADDED: File upload and image display support (optional)
  • ADDED: Markdown format support
  • ADDED: "bootstrap-compact" template that hides some of the options in
    a drop down menu to ensure the nav bar fitting on one line on smaller
    screen sizes
  • FIXING: Various usability issues with different screen sizes / device
    types in the "bootstrap" template
  • CHANGED: Instead of having different options to enable and preselect
    certain formats there is now a generic [formatter_options] section
    where formats can be added to the displayed format drop down menu. A
    defaultformatter can be set, it defaults to "plaintext". The
    syntaxhighlighting configuration got deprecated.
  • zerobin.js got a major refactoring:
    • moved from global namespace into anonymous function
    • events are no longer set via "onclick" attributes in the templates,
      but bound by from JS side
    • for simpler maintenance the functions were grouped into objects:
      zerobin (display logic, event handling), filter (compression,
      encryption), i18n (translation, counterpart of i18n.php) and helper
      (stateless utilities)
  • Wiki pages were added to address common topics: