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Csshake npm version

Some CSS classes to move your DOM! Live Demo


I had to do a 'shake-animation' for a big project. First, I did it in vanilla CSS. After finish it I discover this cool jQuery plugin by @jackrugile. Then I started to think in made this little CSS project


Fork this repo

  $ git clone

or via Bower

  $ bower install csshake

or via npm

  $ npm i csshake


  $ npm run watch
  $ npm run build:raw
  $ npm run build:min

Download Center

You could download the complete csshake.css file or separated files for each shake animation (i.e csshake-little.css). Each one expanded or minified.


Now is also available in cdnjs for each shake animation:

How to use

First include the CSS file

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="csshake.css">`

Then call the diffetent classes on the element you want to shake!

  <div class="shake"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-hard"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-slow"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-little"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-horizontal"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-vertical"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-rotate"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-opacity"></div>
  <div class="shake shake-crazy"></div>

Add also classes to control the animation-play-state.

<!-- Freeze the animation at that point when :hover -->
<div class="shake shake-freeze"></div>
<!-- Continuous animation instead on :hover -->
<div class="shake shake-constant"></div>
<!-- and stop when :hover -->
<div class="shake shake-constant shake-constant--hover"></div>


You could customize the Sass @mixins to create new shaking animations, yeah! Editing the do-shake mixin in scss/_tools.scss file

.my-custom-shake {
  @include do-shake(
        $name: 'my-custom-shake',
        $h: 5px,
        $v: 5px,
        $r: 3deg,
        $dur: 100ms,
        $precision: .02,
        $opacity: false,
        $q: infinite,
        $t: ease-in-out,
        $delay: null,
        $chunk: 100%);

$name {String} is the name for the keyframes animation

$h {Number} is the max number for random to assign in x axis

$v {Number} is the max number for random to assign in y axis

$r {Number} is the max number for random rotation

$dur {Number} is the animation-duration time value

$precision {Number} is the precision of the keyframes animation. For example .02 generates keyframes each 2% and .1 each 10%. The calculation is $step: 100 * $precision;

$opacity {Boolean} to apply random animation also in the opacity property

$q {String} is the animation-iteration-count value

$t {String} animation-timing-function value

$delay {Number} animation-delay time value

$chunk {Number} is the part of the keyframes where apply the animation

Use with Webpack 2.x

When installed with npm, import csshake inside your css|stylus|sass files with ~ prefix to trigger webpack's module resolving:

@import '~csshake';

This will get you non-minified plain css.

Import source sass files

Include full path relative to your node_modules folder with csshake installation

@import '~csshake/scss/csshake-hard.scss';



v1.5.0 (October 5, 2015)

  • Improve the core mixin for a better output code
  • Generate the entire 'shake' animation from only one @mixin. Easier to cerate custom shakes animations classes.
  • Add a new argument to allow animate only part of the 100% of keyframes. Solves issue #25
  • Add a class to allow fire animation from a parent element. Solves issue #16
  • Update semanthics on modifiers classes
  • Export separated stylesheets for each animation. Solves issue #20


Made with ♥ by @elrumordelaluz using Sass.