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Simple working examples of heuristic optimization algorithms
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Good Enough Algorithms

Evolutionary algorithms and other heuristic optimizers

This is code associated with talks, workshops, and a blog post I have written about heuristic optimization algorithms. This repository contains the code needed to run four algorithms -- a hill climber, simulated annealing, Metropolis-coupled MCMC, and a genetic algorithm -- to find good solutions to the travelling salesperson problem. The code is written in a modular way that is meant to make it easy to adapt to other optimization problems. This code is written in Python3; for a Python2 implementation, see this repository.

An overview of the directory:

  • contains functions to initialize, mutate, select, and calculate fitness for solutions.
  •,,, and contain implementations of a hill climber, simulated annealing, MCMCMC, and a genetic algorithm, respectively.
  • is a wrapper for all of the specific implementations of the problem. This is a fairly generic wrapper that can be fitted to different optimization problems.
  • is a command line wrapper for
  • provides some functions to display how the different algorithms performed. All .txt files in the ExampleOutput folder can be used in these visualizations.

This code requires the following modules:

  • copy
  • math
  • os
  • pylab
  • random
  • scipy
  • sys

If you run into any problems, please submit an issue!

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