Away3DLite engine for Flash Player 10 (and now Stage3D too)
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Away3D Lite

Fastest and smallest 3d engine for Flash 10+. And now Stage3D!

Stage3D (new)

Introducing a new Stage3DRenderer (WIP) for Flash 11, while still keeping full FP10 compatibility.

The goal is to have a rudimentary (but simple and fast) Stage3D renderer for simple 3D scenes.


  • some serious memory leaks fixes and added explicit .dispose methods,
  • using Stage3D constrained mode (if available),
  • automatic fallback to DefaultRenderer,
  • automatic quads to triangles conversion, double-sided materials,
  • BitmapMaterial / BitmapMaterialEx (mipmap, transparency control),
  • ColorMaterial (color, alpha),
  • cascading Object3D.alpha blending,
  • additive blendmode (Object3D's blendMode),
  • Object3Ds have new properties: offscreen, screenPosition.

Stage3DRenderer gotchas: (lotsa)

  • approximative camera in Stage3D (not exactly matching Flash 10's),
  • no mouse events, no lightning,
  • for transparent PNGs to blend correctly, the Object3Ds order (in their container) is meaningful (transparent should be latest), not their z position,
  • to refresh a texture after a BitmapData change, call 'renderer.invalidateTexture(bmp)' (tested with MP4s and transparent FLVs).

Stage3DRenderer TODO:

  • mouse events,
  • adapt MovieMaterial,
  • lights,
  • custom shaders,
  • fix projection to match exactly the FP10 output (it's close but not enough to reuse the original mouse handling).

Example usage: