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haxe NME performance and features demo

This project aims to show how NME rocks to target native platforms: iOS/Android/webos/Mac/Win/Linux


  • batch rendering of hundreds/thousands of elements (bunnies) with position/alpha/rotation/scale transformations
  • image distortion using a triangles grid (background)
  • a jumping pirate


Install and configure NME, preferrably using the all-in-one installer from haxenme.org, then run for the target you want (note: 'nme build' will only build):

nme test build.nmml cpp
nme test build.nmml android
nme test build.nmml iphone -simulator

For iOS device testing, you must build & run from Xcode:

nme update build.nmml ios
open bin/iphone/MyApplication.xcodeproj


Initial BunnyMark was created by Iain Lobb, then ported to haxe-NME by Joshua Granick, then enhanced by Philippe Elsass.