My Github copy of the Whiteboard Framework for fast development of Wordpress themes.
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Whiteboard Framework 3.0.2


This is my git repo of the Whiteboard Framework (v.3.0.2) for Wordpress >3.0. The contents of the readme.rtf are pasted below for clarity.

Whiteboard Version 3.0.2

Description The Whiteboard Famework for Wordpress is built to speed up the process of developing a Wordpress theme. Whiteboard does so by eliminating the time spent on Wordpress' backend PHP that is common to all Wordpress powered Web site.

Copyright The Whiteboard Framework is licensed under the GPL license. Feel free to use the Whiteboard Framework for commercial and non-commercial ventures. We only require a link in the CSS and greatly appreciate a link somewhere on the Web site.

Compatibility Current known compatibility is with Wordpress 3.0 to Wordpress 3.0.1 Compatibility with earlier versions or Wordpress is currently unknown.

Files Included: 404.php, archives.php, author.php, category.php, comments.php, footer.php, functions.php, header.php, index.php, page.php, search.php, sidebar.php, single.php, style.css, tag.php

Planned Updates: attachment.php Additional documentation Built in drop down menus Possible additional sticky support Implement a Loop file Gallery content type and page

Bugs Possible Minor bug: trackbacks not outputting correctly or at all. need verification.

Update Log:

version 3.0.2 Added HTML5 Tags:

, , , Includes the Google HTML5 Shim to ensure Cross Browser Compatibility - HTML5 helps improve SEO, if not today, then in the future Fixed some minor indentation issues Updated the list of styles in style.css

version 3.0.1 Additional documentation within the code Stronger SEO

version 3.0 Almost complete re-development Re-built the loop Added dynamic classes to the header Rebuilt the div structure Added additional dynamic div classes and ids Added divs for stronger structure Adjusted the CSS IDs and Classes for greater consistency Wigitized the footer, header, beginning of the home page Added notes throughout Featured Image Support (requires WP 2.9 or greater) Supports Custom Menus Currently has three menu locations, the header, sidebar, and footer Supports Custom Backgrounds, requires WP 3.0 or greater Custom "Read More" text for post excerpts Added support for the virtually never pagination Completely reworked comments.php Cleaner structure Isolates Trackbacks Advanced Author Comment Styling Increased SEO Friendliness Improved Dynamic Title Dynamic meta tags: keywords & description Added Dynamic title="" tags Added link: canonical - to help prevent duplicate content issues rss - to help alert google and increase subscriptions atom-rss - to provide rss options Added dynamic text throughout the site for additional SEO value Only the home page and post page contains the entire post, to reduce the chance of duplicate content problems And More Automatic Short URL from TinyURL Additional post and page meta info Minor bug fixes Improved search results page More intelligent Tags and Categories page Added space to the code Verbiage Improvements Child theme included with dummy-proofing Conforms to Wordpress' CSS Standards - Converted classes and IDs from camelCase to hyphenated Added a mini admin navigation if logged in Uses the post_password_required function instead of the depreciated cookie check on comments.php Added category descriptions to the category pages Added tag descriptions to the tag pages Code optimized for speed Comforms to Wordpress' PHP Standards

version 2.1 Minor structure adjustments

s added classes added Minor bug fix

version 2.0 Overall re-working Comment page re-worked and bugs fixed Admin comments now better declared Separation of comments and trackbacks added New socialization links, others optional Categories.php and archives.php removed, there was no need for them Many minor bug/styling issues resolved

list updated in the CSS file Compatible with Wordpress 2.8

version 1.5 Updated the <title>

version 1.4 Added a missing

tag to single.php Added a list of the included divs

versions 1.3 and earlier are not listed in the Update Log