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JavaFX application for viewing and modifying SQLite database files.
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🎯 To-Do

  • Refactor ResultSet handling to
  • Flexible GUI
  • DBController.add()
  • DBController.update()
  • DBController.delete()

📦 Dependencies

In order to run the program, Java SE Runtime Environment 8 or higher must be installed on your system.

📂 Downloads

💻 Execution

  • For Windows users, simply extract the sqlite-db-mgr.exe from the archive, and run.

  • For Linux users, extract the sqlite-db-mgr.jar file from the archive, and execute with the following commands.

    tar -xvjf sqlite-db-mgr-1.0.tar.bz2
    java -jar sqlite-db-mgr-1.0/sqlite-db-mgr.jar

🔑 Licence

This software is licenced under the GPLv3.0.

✉️ Contact

You can contact me directly via the Contact form located on my homepage!

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