A seed project combining AngularJs as the app engine, RequireJs for modular parts, Html5boilerplate for good practices, with Sass to make css fun!
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Angular has long updated to a point where using RequireJs is arguably a bad idea. I'll keep this around, but consider it very deprecated, and not recomended for use.


This project combines the application skeleton for a typical Angular web app with RequireJs for modularized components. It also makes use of Html5Boilerplate for a nice starting point, and utilizes Sass so that css development can be fun!

For a detailed explanation of the majority of the files in this project, checkout the original angular-seed project. This will explain all the details so you can get running fast!

The seed app doesn't do much, just shows how to wire two controllers and views together. You can check it out by opening app/index.html in your browser.

How to use angular-requirejs-html5boilerplate-seed

Clone the angular-seed repository and start hacking...

Directory Layout

app/                --> all of the files to be used in production
  compass/          --> sass files
  css/              --> compiled css files
    app.css         --> default stylesheet
  img/              --> image files
  index.html        --> app layout file (the main html template file of the app)
  js/               --> javascript files
      controllers.js    --> root controller file for requirejs
      AppController.js  --> root application controller - handles all routing
      HomeController.js --> the controller for the _home_ view
      DataController.js --> the controller for the _data_ view
      filters.js        --> root filter file for requirejs
      services.js       --> root services file for requirejs
      DataService.js    --> a sample $Resource service that fetchs data for the _data_ view
      widgets.js        --> root widgets file for requirejs
    lib/              --> angular and 3rd party javascript libraries
        angular.js            --> wraps angularjs in a requirejs module
        angular.min.js        --> the latest minified angular js
        angular-ie-compat.js  --> angular patch for IE 6&7 compatibility
        console.js            --> wraps console in a requirejs module
        console.min.js        --> the minified source for our console logger
        jquery.js             --> wraps jquery in a requirejs module
        jquery.min.js         --> the latest minified source for jquery
        underscore.js         --> wraps underscore in a requirejs module
        underscore-min.js     --> the latest minified source for underscore
      modernizer-2.0.6.min.js --> modernizer so that out html5 elements load in <ie9
    _boilerplate.js   --> a starting file for any module you create
    app.js            --> root application load logic - this is where angularjs is initialized
    bootstrap.js      --> the bootstrap of our application - handles loading initial dependancies
    order.js          --> plugin for requirejs to allow specifying script load order
    require.js        --> requirejs source
  mock/             --> mocked RESTful server calls

  templates/        --> angular view partials (partial html templates)

config/jsTestDriver.conf    --> config file for JsTestDriver

logs/               --> JSTD and other logs go here (git-ignored)

scripts/            --> handy shell/js/ruby scripts
  test-server.bat   --> starts JSTD server (windows)
  test-server.sh    --> starts JSTD server (*nix)
  test.bat          --> runs all unit tests (windows)
  test.sh           --> runs all unit tests (*nix)
  watchr.rb         --> config script for continuous testing with watchr
  web-server.js     --> simple development webserver based on node.js

test/               --> test source files and libraries
  e2e/              -->
    runner.html     --> end-to-end test runner (open in your browser to run)
    scenarios.js    --> end-to-end specs
    angular/                --> angular testing libraries
      angular-mocks.js      --> mocks that replace certain angular services in tests
      angular-scenario.js   --> angular's scenario (end-to-end) test runner library
      version.txt           --> version file
    jasmine/                --> Pivotal's Jasmine - an elegant BDD-style testing framework
    jasmine-jstd-adapter/   --> bridge between JSTD and Jasmine
    jstestdriver/           --> JSTD - JavaScript test runner
  unit/                     --> unit level specs/tests
    controllersSpec.js      --> specs for controllers