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- after climbing the tower, re-run the last script on all levels
- update primary README to current abilities and game
- stick to only one player.rb file and just update readme file each time (no separate level folders)
- attacking or looking backward should be less effective than forward/left/right
% make beginner tower go up to the 10th level
% make intermediate tower go up to the 15th level
- polish into gem
- use proxy whenever sending space to Player to avoid hacking
- hard wrap long descriptions/tips/clues
- don't require selecting tower when running command inside tower directory
- handle errors cleanly stating if it's in the user's Player script
- rename tower to dungeon
- invalidate old player.rb when generating a new level so they don't accidentally edit that one.
- some actions take multiple turns (such as swinging a large axe) other units may be able to detect this and get out of the way
- add taunt ability to force other units to walk towards you
- rename towers to more creative names