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Laboratory Information System Software - Virtualize connections with EPV Technology

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is simply a software solution developed to help improve the overall efficiency of operations in the lab. LIMS is designed to automate workflows, as well as make the process of tracking specimens and associated data a lot easier.

A dedicated lab management software can bridge a range of technical gaps, thanks to its robust and flexible architecture. The team behind LIMS software aims to create a system that is easy to configure, as well as able to accommodate a variety of lab instruments.

Data redirection challenge

Serial connections are adopted when it comes to setting up communications between complex lab equipment. For the proper optimization of laboratory operations, lab scientists keep faith with a special laboratory information system software that can gain remote access to serial interfaces. LIMS software works over the network by redirecting data from remote serial devices to a single lab database. To achieve this, the software needs to provide support for a complex port virtualization technology. This dedicated port redirection technology makes it possible for lab software COM port data, which is then converted to TCP/IP data packets and forwarded to any client computer regardless of where it's located.

Best solution

LIMS improvements

The most efficient solution in this situation seems to be Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT). The technology makes it possible for you to provide a limitless number of virtual COM ports for any client machine. That means it's possible for any client machine to remotely connect to a remote client computer through a virtual serial interface. This way the data sent by all lab equipment can be gathered in a single database and used for further research and analysis.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Also, EPVT is integrated into LIMS and allows you to emulate any COM port peripheral thus making the prevention and diagnosis of problems that may come up in lab communication system a lot easier.

EPVT Integration into LIMS software offers a range of advantages:

  • EPVT significantly improves the functionality and performance of LIMS software through the addition of the ability to remotely manage any serial port instrument.

  • EPVT paves the way for the providers of lab data management software to get the opportunity to tap into new market segments and reach new customers.

  • EPVT integrates well with popular operating systems and can be used for any industry-specific solution