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Cloud computing technology - USB access integration

Cloud computing is the process of using networks of remote servers hosted online to store, process, and manage data, instead of a PC or local server storage. Cloud OS is the answer to the ever-increasing demands of digital innovations users. Due to the convince and flexibility that cloud computing provides, and avoiding the issues of developing and managing a computer base, independent users and companies now prefer to make use of this innovation, just to make data processing easier and faster. Third party servers or independently owned cloud service providers work properly and allow to work with remote devices and apps.

Cloud OS is usually very easy to use, the browser mostly carries all the necessary features required for a smooth operation. With the use of cloud computing, there is no requirement for more or other special purpose computer systems in place, thereby increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

Problems currently challenging cloud services subscribers:

Problems are quite inevitable in almost all sectors in life and digital innovation world, with the increasing demand for cloud services, the challenging part is that users find it difficult to manage and operate their serial or USB devices during the work in the Cloud PC. Users can’t use the full functionality of USB devices connected to the host machine from the Cloud Desktop. This means that gamepads, 3d mouse, printer, camera won't function properly while using the cloud OS. In order to eliminate these challenges, we need to incorporate the ability to access and control the USB devices from the cloud.

How do we do Solve these Challenges?:

With Eltima Port Virtualization Technology the challenges faced by cloud users will be a thing of the past. This innovative technology allows cloud OS user to easily access and operate all local USB devices and other devices connect to the cloud hot PC. All devices connected to the computer will be recognized in the Cloud Desktop solution as plugged in directly. Any cloud service incorporating this functionality into its cloud infrastructure has competitive benefit on the market.

Advantages of having Eltima Port Virtualization Technology:

  • Totally Supports Local USB Device Redirecting. With EPV technology users get the opportunity to redirect the functionality of the USB devices to the cloud OS.

  • Improved User Experience: When a Desktop-in-the-Cloud solution gives its user the opportunity to operate their local USB devices from the interface, they have an edge over competitors, thereby attracting more customer base for the cloud service provider.

  • Provides Extended Support: This innovative USB pass-through technology may be integrated for any custom needs and for any OS requirements.