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-h2. Lift MongoAuth Module
+# Lift MongoAuth Module
Authentication and Authorization module for Lift-MongoDB-Record.
-h2. Creating a User Data Model
+# Creating a User Data Model
This module provides several traits for constructing a User model, which includes roles and permissions.
There are several ways you can utilize this module:
+## SimpleUser
_model.SimpleUser_ is a fully implemented user model, but is not extensible in any way. This is only useful for testing and demos.
+## ProtoAuthUser
_ProtoAuthUser_ and _ProtoAuthUserMeta_ are a pair of traits that can be used to build a user model class and meta object.
_ProtoAuthUser_ has some standard fields. You can add
fields to it, but you can't modify the ones provided. This is a good place to start. If you find you need to modify
the provided fields, you can copy and paste them into your user class and use _MongoAuthUser_.
+## MongoAuthUser
_MongoAuthUser_ is a trait for defining a MongoRecord of _AuthUser_ (provides authorization functionality).
This can be used to build a user class from scratch. It only requires id and email fields.
+## ProtoAuthUserMeta
_ProtoAuthUserMeta_ is a combination of _AuthUserMeta_ and _UserLifeCycle_ traits. These provide authorization
functionality and login/logout functionality for MongoMetaRecord objects. No matter which version you use for the
MongoRecord user class, you can use this trait to define your MongoMetaRecord, if it provides sufficient functionality.
-h2. Roles and Permissions
+## Roles and Permissions
Permissions are defined using a simple case class. They have three parts; domain, actions, entities. This was heavily
influenced by "Apache Shiro's": WildcardPermission.
Please see the "JavaDoc for WildcardPermission":
for detailed information.
-bc. val printer = Permission("printer")
-assert(printer.implies(Permission.all) == true)
-assert(printer.implies(Permission.none) == false)
-assert(printer.implies(Permission("printer")) == true)
-assert(printer.implies(Permission("a")) == false)
+ val printer = Permission("printer")
+ assert(printer.implies(Permission.all) == true)
+ assert(printer.implies(Permission.none) == false)
+ assert(printer.implies(Permission("printer")) == true)
+ assert(printer.implies(Permission("a")) == false)
-h2. Sitemap LocParams
+## Sitemap LocParams
-h2. Acknowledgments
+## Acknowledgments

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