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Wagtail Orderable

Simple orderable mixin to add drag-and-drop ordering support to the ModelAdmin listing view.

It attempts to provide the feature request in Wagtail project without modifying the project code as it seems not a high priority item for the project.


Install the package

pip install wagtail-orderable


In your settings file, add wagtailorderable to INSTALLED_APPS:

    # ...
    # ...


Extend with Orderable (optional)

To apply the orderable feature, you can extend your model with Orderable which will add a sort_order IntegerField to your model but if you already have a field to store an index value, this is not required.

from django.db import models

from wagtailorderable.models import Orderable

class YourModel(Orderable):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=200)

Of course you can apply it to Wagtail's Page model.

from wagtail import fields
from wagtail.models import Page

from wagtailorderable.models import Orderable

class YourModel(Page, Orderable):
    description = fields.RichTextField(blank=True)

Or just use your model with your personal ordering field.

from django.db import models

class YourOtherModel(models.Model):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    my_custom_order_field = models.IntegerField(null=False, blank=True, default=0, editable=False)

Note that Orderable also exists in wagtail.models, DO NOT use that as the mixins require the model from the same package.

To apply the feature support in admin panel. In

from wagtail.contrib.modeladmin.options import (
    ModelAdmin, modeladmin_register)

from wagtailorderable.modeladmin.mixins import OrderableMixin

from .models import YourModel, YourOtherModel

class YourModelAdmin(OrderableMixin, ModelAdmin):
    model = YourModel

class YourOtherModelAdmin(OrderableMixin, ModelAdmin):
    model = YourOtherModel
    sort_order_field = 'my_custom_order_field'


Note that sort_order_field is optional if you extend your model with Orderable or if your Model has a sort_order_field attribute.

Finally, collect the corresponding static file by running

python collectstatic

in your project.

Change Log


  • Extending Orderable is no more mandatory if you want to use your own order field (#27)
  • Add Orderable.get_sort_order_max() to get the max "order" when instance is being created (#27)
  • Fix keeping current filters when sorting was reset (#27)
  • Fix class names (get_extra_class_names_for_field_col parameters were inverted) (#27)
  • Fix CSS which had SCSS syntax (#27)


  • Provide Github Actions script to build and publish package in PyPI
  • Add support for Wagtail 3.0 and drop support for all Wagtail versions before 2.15 (#32)
  • Use pk instead of id for duplicate positions (#31)


  • Fix TypeError when creating the first Orderable object (#21)


  • Fix sort_order duplication for items
  • Fix wrong return syntax


  • get_list_display handles any iterable
  • Support for filters in ModelAdmin
  • Style updated


Most of the contribution comes from this commit which attempts to integrate the solution in Wagtail project. Though it is not being used in Wagtail now it provides great skeleton for the feature which helps me created this mixin.

Thanks the contribution from Andy Babic.

Contirbution for this project are all welcome :)