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Print Order Confirmation as Guest

This module allows guest users to print their order confirmation on the order complete/success page in Magento. Magento does not allow guests to print orders due to the simple nature of the print order URL out of the box, example:

This URL could be easily modified to view other users order information by changing the value after "/order_id/". To prevent this from occurring Magento made visible the print order button for logged in users only and checks user-to-order relation.

This module creates a secure URL for each guest order and prevents cross order lookup. Example URL from the module:

The printable order page is managed exactly the same way as Magento native print order page for logged in users.

Installation via Composer

Make sure you have added Firegento repository to your composer.json.

Add as dependency to your project using composer

composer require eltrino/printorder  

In case you are using Magento 1.x version you will need additional requirement using composer

composer require eltrino/compatibility:dev-master

Installation via archive

Download archive from Github and extract it into Magento root folder.

If you are running Magento 2 nothing else is required.

In case of Magento 1.x you will need to install additional [Compatibility extension] (


Print Order Confirmation as Guest Magento Extension




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