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DiamanteDesk Application

DiamanteDesk is a customer service software that is designed to help big and small companies to really listen to their customers and convert their feedback into valuable experience. Our team is ready to go extra mile to improve customer support experience of your service.

Basically, DiamanteDesk is a ticket system with 3 channels enabling communication with help desk team: though email, online portal and via a phone call. Tickets in this tool are sorted into the so-called branches. Creating separate branches enables our Clients to group tickets according to the requests of specific users, locations, issues, etc. This feature helps to quickly find the required ticket and focus on the issues of the highest priorities.


To install DiamanteDesk, follow this link.


It is a comprehensive help desk that is currently can be easily integrated into OroCRM but in a short time will be available for other CRMs. It can be also integrated with various web products designed via Magento, WordPress and PrestaShop.

To learn more about DiamanteDesk and its features, click here.


We appreciate any effort to make DiamanteDesk functionality better; therefore, we welcome all kinds of contributions in the form of bug reporting, patches submitting, feature requests or documentation enhancement. Please refer to the DiamanteDesk guidelines for contributing if you wish to be a part of the project.