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DiamanteDesk is an independent support ticket system which is designed to listen to your customers and quickly react to satisfy their needs. Currently, it can be easily integrated into the Oro platform but in the short run it will be available for other CRM systems.

To get more information about DiamanteDesk, click here.

How to Use Docker Image


Docker should be properly installed before this image is used. To learn more information about Docker, click here.

The database is not included in the image, so you need to link another container with database installed.

Optionally, you can use docker-compose file to build an image and run/stop containers.

Run DiamanteDesk Application Using docker-compose

  1. Download docker-compose.yml to the folder of your choise. In case you want to build the image by yourself you have to clone this repo
  2. Run docker-compose up -d in that folder. Or docker-compose up --build if you want to build the image. This will run mysql and DiamanteDesk containers.
  3. Go to You should see setup wizzard.
  4. Run docker-compose stop to stop application and db containers.
  5. Run docker-compose rm to delete application and db containers.

Run DiamanteDesk Application with Docker CLI

  1. Run DB container:

      docker run --name mysql57_diamante 
      -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD={set root password}
      -e MYSQL_DATABASE=diamantedesk 
      -e MYSQL_USER=diamantedesk
      -e MYSQL_PASSWORD={set user password} 
      -d mysql:5.7
  2. Run application container and link DB:

      docker run 
      --name diamante
      -p 80:80 -p 8080:8080 
      --link mysql57_diamante:{DB alias}
      -d eltrino/diamantedesk

Set {DB alias} to any value you want and use it as DB hostname during installation.


After each DiamanteDesk container we do some internal work in container, so application availability might be delayed for some seconds

As an application in this image is not installed, you have to proceed with web installer instructions. The possibility to install application automatically is coming soon.


Docker image for DiamanteDesk



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