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libctfso-cake-and-soda is a bundle of Linux CTF challenges requiring reverse engineering and some crypto knowledge to solve.

Works out of the box on my machine, YMMV - PR's welcome.


To use this bundle you should have Vagrant installed along with one of the following hypervisors:

  • Virtualbox
  • Hyper-V
  • Parallels
  • libvirt+QEMU
  • VMWare Desktop (should work but not tested)

If you know what you're doing and prefer to manage deployment yourself, you can simply run the Ansible playbook on a Ubuntu Xenial amd64 target.


If you are using Parallels or libvirt+QEMU, please ensure you have rsync installed locally.

If this is your first time using Vagrant with libvirt, please run vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt.

If this is your first time using Vagrant with Parallels, please run vagrant plugin install vagrant-parallels.

If this is your first time using Vagrant with Hyper-V, please run all commands from an Administrator console. In addition, you will be asked to enter your Windows username/password to enable shared folder support for provisioning.


The following command will download a Ubuntu 16.04 VM template from VagrantHub, create a new virtual machine for 'libctfso-cake-and-soda', and build/install challenges under the /challenges directory of the VM:

Note: This can take a while the first time you run it depending on your host specs and internet connection.

vagrant up

You can re-provision anytime with:

vagrant provision

You can connect to the virtual machine with:

vagrant ssh

This will login to the virtual machine using the 'vagrant' user account, which has sudo privileges so that you can install any additional packages that you want.

You can stop the virtual machine with:

vagrant halt

And delete the virtual machine with:

vagrant destroy


You should switch to the 'hahn' user account (password = 'hahn') when you are ready to play:

su - hahn

All challenges can be found under the /challenges/ directory.

Difficulty estimates are relative to other challenges in this bundle.

Title: coca-cola
Category: Crypto
Flag: libctf{d8d07554-c34c-4944-96ae-d7e285391694}
Relative Difficulty: Easy

Title: dr-pepper
Category: Crypto
Flag: libctf{2946adf1-cd78-4346-8b07-aa84c8cf7279}
Relative Difficulty: Easy

Title: mcarthur-river
Category: Reversing
Flag: libctf{dc11f7e1-599e-4ca2-8c15-940247455aaa}
Relative Difficulty: Easy

Title: olympic-dam
Category: Reversing
Flag: libctf{8eb6767f-9440-44da-9c3a-57cb210f441e}
Relative Difficulty: Medium

Title: ranger
Category: Reversing
Flag: libctf{16ebc76c-37ce-4f20-8a01-e3343653a5fb}
Relative Difficulty: Medium

Title: arlit
Category: Reversing
Flag: libctf{5910c360-5d46-41f9-b1ab-eb2f2df03ea5}
Relative Difficulty: Hard


Each challenge directory should have everything you need to figure out a plan of attack. Looking at the source code in the repo will ruin the challenge.


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