A Circuit Cellar contest 4th place winner Led Panel powered by eLua
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Hello, and welcome to the iMCU Design Contest 2010 entry #003185 (Moonlight).
The overall structure of the entry is given below:

-- doc - complete documentation (with datasheets, schematics, abstract and full documentation)
   -- datasheet - datasheets of the different components used by Moonlight
   -- schematics - the complete schematics of the project
   abstract.doc - the abstract
   complete.doc - the complete documentation
   moonlight.vsd - the overall system diagram
   moonlight2.png - the PNG version of the overall system diagram
-- firmware - the complete code
   -- eLua - the STM32 firmware
   -- w7100 - the W7100 firmware
   -- pc_apps - PC applications used by Moonlight
-- media - Moonlight media files (pictures and a movie). 
Before you stard reading the documentation, you might want to check the 
"moonlight.mp4" file in the media/ directory for a nice demo of the capabilities
of Moonlight.
The abstract (doc/abstract.doc) and the complete documentatation (doc/complete.doc)
were created with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite.