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Ember Tunes: An ember.js demo

  • Displays a list of available albums and their tracks
  • Allows queueing albums for playback
  • Plays the queue, one track at a time



rake server

Visit the webserver at:



This app is a port of the application developed in the PeepCode Backbone screencasts https://peepcode.com/products/backbone-js and https://peepcode.com/products/backbone-ii

It was assembled for a presentation at the first EmberCamp. You can see slides for the presentation at http://justinappears.com/slides/ember-camp

An earlier version was presented at toronto.rb

The code starts off at the final application developed in the second screencast. There are a few initial commits for cleanup and toolchain updates. Then, there are a series of numbered commits. These are intended to show a gradual approach to assembling the app. Each commit focuses on a fairly small bit of functionality and tries to limit the number of new concepts introduced. New features are often stubbed in or implemented naïvely and are gradually refined and improved upon in later commits.

Ember Best Practices(?)

The final app is intended to showcase current Ember best practices. If you disagree with something I did or have improvements to suggest, please send a PR.


I will be adding more comments shortly. In particular, comments that explain the motivation behind various changes rather than implementation details per se.


Big shout out to @heycarsten and @trek for all of the great feedback and suggestions they provided on this code. Thanks also to Toronto.rb for having me present.