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Stellar API SDK for .NET 6

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Table of Contents

About The Project

dotnet-stellar-sdk is a .NET 6 library for communicating with a Stellar Horizon server. It is used for building Stellar apps.

This project originated as a full port of the official Java SDK API


The stellar-dotnet-sdk library is bundled in a NuGet Package.

Visual Studio

JetBrains Rider



Check the Tutorials page to get started.

In case of doubts or issues, you can ask for help here:


NuGet Badge

If you only need the XDR objects in a .NET Standard NuGet package, then you can get those here:

XDR Generation

In order to generate the XDR Files automatically in C# a custom XDR Generator must be used.

You can find the latest working generator here:

You can use that version of xdrgen to regenerate the XDR files from the .x files located from the source of the original API SDK for Horizon.


  1. Install custom XDR generator:
    git clone
    cd xdrgen
    git checkout csharp
    rake install
  2. Regenerate .cs files from .x files:
    cd dotnet-stellar-sdk/
    xdrgen -o=./stellar-dotnet-sdk-xdr/generated -l=csharp -n=stellar_dotnet_sdk.xdr ./stellar-dotnet-sdk-xdr/*.x
  3. Reformat .cs files using dotnet-format:
    dotnet format



dotnet-stellar-sdk is licensed under an Apache-2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


  • Stellar Development Foundation