HttpHandler that serves images with filters applied. Url allows passing filter options.
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== ImageHandler

	This is an ASP.NET project that consists of an httphandler for 
	processing images, and applying filters to them.  The filters
	are in the Imaging class library and are used by the ImageHandler
	http handler file.  

== Usage 
	You can request an image with a filter applied by passing the
	filter parameters in the url when you src the image.  You can use
	javascript as you would normally to "re-src" the image.  This 
	allows you to apply filters to the image in an "ajax" way w/o a
	page refresh, but at the same time getting the benefit of consistent
	performance because the server is applying the filter.

	For example:
		<img src="http://localhost:3000/images/mypic.jpg?contrast=90" />
			// use this code in response to a value being collected 
			// from the user via a textbox or slider or similar
			var s = document.forms[0].myTextbox.value;
			s = '?contrast=' + s
			document.images['myphoto'].src = 'mypic.jpg' + s;
0.1		This is initial version with only contrast filter and a test html page.
		Range of contrast value is +/- 100.
0.2		Adding a gamma filter to the filters library, and update test page to
		use it too.  Range for gamma value is 0.2 to 5.0.
		Also converted IFilter interface Apply method to accept double instead
		of sbyte as the filter value parameter on filter methods.
0.3		Added slider controls [jquery] to control contrast and gamma filters on
		the demo image/page.
0.4   Added a brightness slider and filter to the demo page.