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NETGEAR DGN1000 vulnerable #27

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I can confirm the vulnerability on this model (Firmware Version V1.1.00.46_ww).

Thank you for your work.


Thank you, I updated the list :)
Do you know if there is any difference between your router and the other DGN1000 mentionned in the readme?


No, I don't, sorry: they are very likely to be the same. I've sent the issue message just to document also the firmware version.


Ok, thank you :)

@elvanderb elvanderb closed this

Has anyone found a alternative firmware that can be applied. DD-WRT? Open WRT & Tomato don't have firmware for this router. I have tried to block the port using exiting firmware without success.


I brought this issue up with netgear support (2014/01/17), and just in the last few days they have released a new firmware version that resolves the port 32764 issue. The new firmware is available on their website (

I've confirmed that the below version works correctly.

If the original backdoor was a planned 'feature', then its possible that there is a knocking sequence required to unlock port 32764 (that is, port 32764 opens after trying port 5000, then 8000 before 32764 as an example).


I'll have a look, thank you :)


Oh god :')
Expect some lolz in the next few days :)

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