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Python library to download PO files from OneSky and convert them to MO files for use within a web app
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This library can download .PO files from a Onesky Project and convert them to .MO files, as well as uploading a new base .PO file for your chosen project


Download the library and place in a folder on your computer. Install the requirements using pip.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Downloading .PO Files

Downloading the .PO Files

python3 --project=project_id

This will then download all the PO files and convert to MO for the specified project.

Optional arguments

--path - This specifies the path to download the PO and MO files to. Defaults to a new folder called "language_files"

EG: --path=~/Desktop/Languages will save the file to the current users desktop

--keep - Specify if you wish to keep the PO files. Defaults to delete them

EG: --keep=True if you want to keep the PO files.

--base - Specify the base file name imported to Onesky. Defaults to en_US

EG: --base=en_AU

--rename - Specifies if you want to rename the files from Hyphens to Underscores.

EG: --rename=True will cause the script to rename the files from to

--exclude - Specify language codes that you don't want to download. If you don't want to download multiple languages, use this twice.

EG: --exclude=en-UK --exclude=ne-BL will not download the en-UK or ne-BL language files.

Uploading .PO Files

python3 --project=project_id --path=/path/to/file.po

This will upload the specified PO file to your project. Onesky will then process the file as-per-normal

Optional arguments

--keep - Specify if you wish to keep phrases that had been uploaded previously but aren't in the new file. Defaults to false.

EG: --keep=true if you want to keep phrases from previous PO file uploads

--base - Specify the locale for this file. If this is the same as the base language of the web-app it will upload a new base translation. If it's different it will upload translations for the specified language. Defaults to en-US

EG: --base=en-AU if you want the language of the chosen file to be English (Australia)

--format - The format of the file you're uploading. This is required by Onesky. Defaults to GNU_PO.

EG: --format=GNU_POT if you're uploading a new .POT file.

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