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A curated list of awesome Elvish packages, modules, and tools that support Elvish.

Icon Description
📦 An Elvish package (a collection of related modules) - install directly with epm
🧩 An Elvish module - install the package that contains it (usually just the Git repo) with epm
🛠 An external tool that supports Elvish

Prompt Themes

Item Description
🧩 Powerline style prompt theme
🧩 Super configurable prompt theme with Git support
🧩 Very basic prompt over two lines with simple git support
🧩 A simple two-line prompt with extensive Git support
🧩 Elvish integration for silver, a cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt written in Rust
🛠 Starship A cross-shell, minimal, bazingly-fast prompt written in Rust

Completion Scripts

Item Description
📦 Includes completion scripts for go and git
📦 zzamboni/elvish-completions Includes completion scripts for cd, git, vcsh
📦 aca/elvish-bash-completion Converts any bash completion to elvish
🛠 rsteube/carapace-bin Built-in completions for over 400 commands, and support for custom completions

Editor Support

Editor Plugin
Emacs elvish-mode
Vim elvish.vim
Atom language-elvish
Kakoune Builtin support; kak-lsp also has builtin LSP configuration for Elvish
VSCode official extension
Sublime Text 3 elvish_syntax_for_sublime
PyCharm elvish-lang-plugin
Micro elvish-micro-syntax
Helix Builtin support, including integration with elvish -lsp

Terminal Integration

Terminal Item Description
iTerm2 🧩 Support for iTerm2 Shell Integration features.

General Libraries

Item Description
🧩 git Git utility functions (mainly for prompts)
🧩 alias Support for persistent aliases and for parsing bash-style alias commands.
🧩 bang-bang Support for the traditional !! and !$ keybindings
🧩 dir Directory stack and support for cd - to mean "previous directory"
🧩 long-running-notifications Notifications for long-running commands
🧩 nix Environment setting and some wrapper utilities for the Nix package manager.
🧩 prompt-hooks Utilities for manipulating prompt hooks.
🧩 proxy A module for manipulating and auto-setting proxy variables
🧩 spinners A module to generate different styles of progress spinners for use in Elvish scripts.
🧩 terminal-title A module for automatically setting the terminal title.
🧩 python Support for Python virtual environments
🧩 update A tool to check if a newer version of Elvish is available.
🧩 date-elv A module for printing the date in elvish (Sindarin) written in Elvish
🧩 git Git helpers
🧩 utils Helpers for usual shell manipulation
🧩 fs FS helpers and object oriented files
🧩 Gitstatus integration for Elvish.
🧩 fun Helps your elvish code to be more functional
🧩 lazy Gives you access to lazy iterators, infinite sequences, and multiple higher-level iterators
🧩 Pure elvish utility libraries
🧩 Evaluate Python inplace. Switch venv automatically.
🧩 cmd-duration Provides function human-readable to make it easy to include a human friendly representation, in your prompt, of the duration of the most recent command.
🧩 util-unix Provides command ulimit for displaying and modifying the unix:rlimits variable in a manner more like traditional POSIX shells.

More Awesome Elvish Stuff

Item Description
🛠 ajeetdsouza/zoxide A fast alternative to cd that learns your habits.
📄 zzamboni/dot_elvish Documented rc.elv file, using many of the modules above.


A curated list of awesome Elvish packages, modules, and tools that support Elvish