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package complete
import (
// PlainItem is a simple implementation of RawItem.
type PlainItem string
func (p PlainItem) String() string { return string(p) }
func (p PlainItem) Cook(q parse.PrimaryType) completion.Item {
s := string(p)
quoted, _ := parse.QuoteAs(s, q)
return completion.Item{ToInsert: quoted, ToShow: s}
// noQuoteItem is a RawItem implementation that does not quote when cooked. This
// type is not exposed, since argument generators never need this.
type noQuoteItem string
func (nq noQuoteItem) String() string { return string(nq) }
func (nq noQuoteItem) Cook(parse.PrimaryType) completion.Item {
s := string(nq)
return completion.Item{ToInsert: s, ToShow: s}
// ComplexItem is an implementation of RawItem that offers customization options.
type ComplexItem struct {
Stem string // Used in the code and the menu.
CodeSuffix string // Appended to the code.
Display string // How the item is displayed. If empty, defaults to Stem.
DisplayStyle ui.Style // Use for displaying.
func (c ComplexItem) String() string { return c.Stem }
func (c ComplexItem) Cook(q parse.PrimaryType) completion.Item {
quoted, _ := parse.QuoteAs(c.Stem, q)
display := c.Display
if display == "" {
display = c.Stem
return completion.Item{
ToInsert: quoted + c.CodeSuffix,
ToShow: display,
ShowStyle: c.DisplayStyle,
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