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Don't include OPs vote

What: Don't include OPs vote even if they forget to sign the RFC itself, if they did include a section header.

How: After we've got the timestamp, this should correct the description if it included any section headers by truncating from the header on.  This will make it less likely that the OPs vote will be included.

WARNING: This is UNTESTED, and I'd be pleasantly surprised if it works well as is. MediaWiki code newbie.  Consider this little more than a pseudocode suggestion.  

If the RFC itself includes sections, this will truncate prematurely, but that may not be a bad thing, the RFC is probably too long.
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elvey committed Jun 4, 2014
1 parent c0843a7 commit 38562b97a4ae7d2e1807e208133c9d45a5a8101c
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@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ function generateRfcId ($tries=0) {
$description = "{{rfcquote|text=\n" . $description . "}}"; // indents the description
preg_match("/([0-2]\d):([0-5]\d),\s(\d{1,2})\s(\w*)\s(\d{4})\s\(UTC\)/i", $description, $t);
$timestamp = strtotime($t[0]);
$description = preg_replace("'''\n\n.*", "", $description); // truncate at start of section header
} else {
$description = $prettytimestamp;

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